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Whether it be Cloud Services or Hosted Virtualised Severs, at ITD we use our industry knowledge and best practices to manage your infrastructure allowing you the time to focus on new markets, improved customer and employee experiences and increased revenue opportunities.

Your ability to compete can suffer when simultaneously launching new services without the right in-house man power and expertise – especially when considering the completexity of today’s service deployments spanning on-premise, collocated, hosted to cloud environments.

We keep your infrastructure and applicatoins running during peak times delivering consistent performance

Our Services include:

  • Onsite Hardware installation and configuration
  • Network infrastructure
    – Routers; Switches; Firewall protection; Web Support; Network Security
  • Virtualised Environments
  • Backup and Recovery strategies
  • Application Support – Exchange and Mail; Database; Business Applications ; Licencing; Updates/Upgrades
  • Telecommunications Support
  • Remote Monitoring & Support

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Our staff at ITD are equipped in pushing technical changes through to delivery for your Business. By examining all facets of the existing process, we clearly map this out for all Stakeholders, understand the vision of the change and assess the impact on the business. When delivering, we ensure we meet the customers specification with scalability to further growth.

Our professional services team design, resource and implement complete IT solutions from straightforward software implementations through to complex, multi-site, multivendor deployments of IT Infrastructure.

Our Services include:

  • Stakholder engagement and profressional consultancy throughout Project Lifecycle
  • Using elements of PRINCE to ensure smooth Project Delivery
  • Focus on Conflict Management – ensuring a satisfactory resolution agreed across the board
  • Scalability of Transformaton – Our architects envision and build the solution with your landscape in mind
  • Rigorous Testing ensuring QA
  • Compliance and after caresupport
  • Implementation and Migration strategy – ensuring business continuity reducing business disruption and risks

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Over the years we have built a good rapport with our Vendors so you know you’re in safe hands. For more informaton please click the below logo’s

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Our Services include:

  • Ensuring your utilising all avenues of Marketing, the connection to your Brand and Business are in alignment and helping you spread the word
  • Building up your Social Media presence through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Website and system optimisation and competitor insight/analysis
  • Cost per click campaigns and Product listing ads through the mainstream Search Engines (Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Bing)
  • Technology optimisation including user experience and more versatile systems/processes expanding employee capabilities to ensure the transformation has an on-going momentum
  • Website Development including Live Chat implementations, Landing Page A/B Split Testing, Cart Abandoment solutions and Web analytics using Google Analytics clarifying user traffic on your site

Our primary goal does not just support technology; it is supports people as well. We specialise in using technology to make their business lives easier and more productive

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With the rise in cyber hacks, new threats are constantly emerging continously putting pressure on IT Infrastructures. As a result protecting valuable IT resources is a must and fundamental for any business to survive

Security which is not effectively managed can cause major problems to any company and can take a considerable amount of time and money to recover.

As ESET recognised resellers, we have a good understanding in best practice to prevent Viruses/Malware/Ransomware. Help guard your data from attacks on multiple levels using innovative, identity-driven security techniques.

  • Protest users, Devices, Applications and Data with ESET Intuitive Antivirus Software
  • Firewall setup and best practices
  • Email spam/junk/malware filtering
  • Network Security including the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN’s)
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Employee training on Email threats and how to responsibly deal with these

Whether you’re looking to establish a formal security strategy, need to satisfy audit/compliance requirements, or identify and address security risks and threats, our consultants can design an integrated security ecosystem to elevate your investment while protecting your key assets.

IT infrastructure monitoring is essential to any business maintaining a proficient system to deal with today’s technological demands.

Whether it’s your system, services or applications that require support or a change we have delivered to your business, our comprehensive IT monitoring service follows structured policies and procedures to enable our IT support team to troubleshoot and look out for potential problems before they escalate.

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Our Services include:

  • Remote Support
  • Fixed Price priority repairs
  • Phone Support
  • Workshop labour
  • Unlimited cloud backup
  • Antivirus

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