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We offer a complete managed solution with minimal disturbance to your business, inclusive of infrastructure setup, server maintenance and a secure environment for hosting.

Our team endeavours to resolve your infrastructure complexities allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

We specialise in creating and maintaining your backend infrastructure, allowing you focus on running the front end operations.

Our team provide an array of hosting services compromising:

  • Website setup
  • Mapping of network drives
  • Mail server and active directory configuration
  • Hosted server maintenance and support
  • Storage expansion

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With the recent advancements in Cloud technology, migrating your systems over to the Cloud has never been easier and guarantees operational and technological efficiencies to your business.

We work with leading providers to support your business by focusing on scalability, security and ease of access to your applications.

By first understanding your architecture, we can provide solutions and useful advice befitting to your specific requirements. From running central platforms to supporting secure public network virtual environments, our specialist team is well equipped to support your needs.

We handle all aspects of transition – from setup and migration to maintenance and training – allowing you to focus on business as usual.

Below are some long term benefits of migrating to the Cloud:

  • Access your Business globally utilising Office 365/G Suite
  • Tools
    Communication/Video Conferencing/Collaboration Microsoft Skype/ Microsoft Teams Hangouts Meet
    Mail and Exchanges Outlook Gmail
    Shared Calendars Calendar Calendar
    Access File Storage Microsoft SharePoint/OneDrive Google Drive/Google Cloud Search
    File Types (Real Time) Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint Google® Docs, Sheets and Slides
    Business Grade Security 2 Step Verification Security Keys (MFA)
    Advanced threat detection
    Data encryption
    Dashboards & KPI's Easy administration, application insights and general visual monitoring of you Cloud Servers
  • Reduction in Infrastructure Maintenance fees resulting from move to transaction based costing (i.e paying as you go model based on server usage)
  • Delivering fast, consistent and scalable performance based on your business activities and demands
  • Increased Management Capability across multiple environments, resulting in reduced disruption to live systems while undergoing testing and development.
  • Continuous Data Backups across a myriad of plethora servers providing enhanced disaster recovery
  • Increased Security offered by our leading vendors, which provides ample protection against cyber threats
  • Improved Data Analytic functionality as a direct result of machine learning

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